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Virtual Shows

In these unique times, Magic Mel is excited to offer virtual magic shows that will have you laughing and witnessing magic right in the comfort of your home. 


Whether it's a corporate event, family party, Christmas party, children's birthday or just you want to be entertained with a FIVE STAR show, Magic Mel has you covered.

The magic show is fast-paced, highly interactive and a whole lot of fun for everyone. 

Magic Mel is also offering Live Shows- Click here for more information about her LIVE SHOWS

30 Minute Show

Fast-paced and perfect if time is a little bit on the tight side. Magic Mel can come on and wow the children and adults with a fast, punchy half-hour of her amazing magic. 

45 minute show

In the 45-minute show, you can have a far more significant impact. This will leave everyone spellbound, and gives enough time for Magic Mel to really develop a deep relationship with your guests and, of course, perform some of her fantastic magic.

60 minute package

This is the most popular show and allows for the most profound and incredible impact at your event- it is the fantastic 45-minute show followed by a fun and interactive 15-minute magic workshop where your guests will learn a trick or 2 using a few items found around the house. 

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